lately i think so much about how dissolution of romantic and other relationships is seen as failure. 

why is it seen as failure if you dont remain static and together til the end of the time when thats so highly improbable?

why is it seen as failure if people and circumstances change when thats a fact of life?

why is it seen as failure if things run their natural course and drop off when its no longer fruitful, when thats what should be happening?

and what does this unrealistic expectation to hold on to everything forever lead us to put up with in this abuse culture?

of course this brings me to sticking together for survival purposes in some contexts, but when you can choose and survive alright without hanging on, why do it?

hell, even when people see that you have been miserable or abused or simply imbalanced for umpteen years they will act like they failed for moving the fuck on to greener, more peaceful pastures, and people around you will try to push that on you too. when, really, leaving untenable waters is a victory, not something to be ashamed of. 

so you broke up with 98987 people or got divorced coz it wasnt fitting or fruitful or healthy and kept moving on and trying different things….what is wrong about that? 

why is it some great shame, burden and tragedy to leave or be left when its just not panning out? when thats the right thing to do. 

and how does that cloud how you view relationships, when you think you have to be bound for all eternity to NOT be a failure? 

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What did you expect?


What did you expect?

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Courage lands on nimble feet,
cries for all it’s caused.
Brevity winks before it sinks,
and shows you what you’ve lost.

Showing the way can only help the seeing, 
and for the blind I ask,
How do we jump, and where, and why,
so as this to not be the last.

And if I so as question myself,
I beg to shelter the defeat,
and if I so as blink to myself,
a teardrop falls to your knee.

And I wonder when and I wonder how
a blessing such as mine
could itself in the dark or day
be just a blessing and only so kind.

For fortune’s found and spun in thread,
and should you so much as ask,
a moth hits the bulb and a silence shrieks, 
and the moth and one is dead.

For God forbid you question your fate
or the others of those you love,
for the devil or something close,
swings the cursed wing of a dove.

As the blanket chills and the spool unwinds
and the machine left to its tide,
a scissor cuts and a blush rusts
upon the clasp upon the line.

And courage sits upon the sill,
and begs when it can speak,
and brevity breaks for only a second,
and the words can finally creak.

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no time like the present my friend

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